Saturday, August 14, 2010

Phrolova Polina - @RT L1NG3R13

The First Of At Least Three Art Lingerie Galleries. Just A FYI, The Numbering Is Completely Off But This Should Be The Full Set.

80 pics
2000 x 3000

Phrolova Polina - T33NM0D3LS

I Saw This Cutie The Other Day For The First Time And Figured There Woulnd't Be Much Out There. But There Is. Quite A Bit In Fact. So Expect To See More Of Her In The Days To Come.

BTW, If Anyone Knows Who The Other Girl Is, Leave A Message.

196 pics
1584 x 2376

Milena D. - M3T

A Brand New Milena D. Set! Every Time I Think This Girl Couldn't Possibly Get Any Cuter, I Get Proved Wrong Again And Again And Again. I'm Not Complaining, Mind You. When It Comes To Milena D., I Love Being Wrong!

139 Mind Blowing Pics + cover
1365 x 2048 Mid Res

Amai Liu - 18E1ght33n

Foreign Exchange Student Amai Liu Learns That Coming To America Has Its Price: Her Virginity!

Or At Least That's My Version And I'm Sticking To It!

Anyways, This Set Features Amai Liu Looking Her Cutest And Youngest. That Scrummy Look On Her Face As She's Getting Fucked Is So Fucking Hot! Why Oh Why Didn't They Shoot A Few Hundreds Pics For This One? The Bastards!

Lillian - @N@L T33N @NG3L

When Lillian Gets Caught Masterbating By Her Two Roomates Boyfriends, They Decide To Teach Her A Lesson By Gangbanging Her Petite Young Body!

191 pics
853 x 1280

L3X1 B3ll3 - Valentine's Day Girl

126 pics
1200 x 1600

Fuckable Lola #3

Da-Dum...Da-Dum...Dum Dum Dum Dum...

You Got To Admit, That Is One Happy Looking Shark!

Fuckable Lola #2

I Guess This Is Where I Should Quip That A Well Placed Prick Would Make These Pictures Simply Perfect, But That's Just Too Corny Even For Me...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fuckable Lola #1

This Is Supposively Her First Set From Her Solo Website. She Has Great Tits But I Still Don't See The Mass Appeal She Has. Then Again, Some Of The Stuff I Thought Would Be Downloaded Like Crazy Here Isn't. So There You Go.

I'll Post A Few More And As Long As They Get DL As Much As The First One Has, I'll Keep Posting Them.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lexi Belle - D1g1tal D3s1r3

I Love Lexi Belle But Most Of Her Sets Just Don't Fit Here. I Do Have A Few More That Really Do Fit But I Need To Upload Them First.

I Admit This One Is Pretty Borderline...Ok, It's Pretty South Of The Borderline, But I Really Like Her Sexy Bra And How She's Wearing It With The Straps Off Her Shoulders And Her Tits Sticking Out A Little Bit. That's So Much Sexier Than If She Wasn't Wearing One At All.

So Without Further Ado, Here's Lexi....

4 Girl Slumber Party

Ah, Slumber Parties. This Brings Back Memories Of All The Hot Slumber Parties My Sisters...Never Had. >8/

274 total pics
852 x 1280