Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ivanka, Oda & Alysa - L3Z CUT13$

This Is A Very Hot Gallery Of These Three Girls Tearing Each Other Clothes Off And Jamming Their Fingers Deep In Each Other's Holes. Especially Hot Is When The Third Girl Is Ravaged. That Could Be A Gallery All On Its Own. Overall, Lots Of Nice Bra & Panty Shots. Now If Only My Lumberjack Lesbian Neighbors Looked Anything Like These Three. Sigh.

309 pics (you heard me!)
853 x 1280

Little April #46

Another Small Set Straight From Her Website. With Digital Cameras Being As Good And Cheap As They Are, What Possible Reason Could There Be To Publish Such Small, Dinky Sets?

36 pics
803 x 1200

Willa & Cristal

168 pics
853 x 1280

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fuckable Lola #4

This One Is A Little More To My Liking, Even Though It's More Or Less NonNude. It's Curious How In Some Sets She Goes Nude And Others She's Rather Modest. Hmmm.

94 pics
1000 x 1500