Sunday, October 31, 2010

DR1LL3D M0UTH$ - Mary (Alena)

All Sweet Mary Wanted To Do After Showering Was To Read Her Lastest Issue Of Vanity Fair. But When Her Ex-Boyfriend Barges In, She Finds Herself Forced To Gag Down His Nasty Cock Again And Again. She Can Hardly Breathe When He Finally Lets Her Up And Shoots His Load In Her Pretty Young Face. That Bastard!

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YOUNG M0D3L$ C@$T1NG - Lera

YOUNG M0D3L$ C@$T1NG - Mary

This Girl Is Real Cute But There's Not A Lot Of Close-Ups In This For Some Reason. She Has A Nice, Tight Little Body, Too.

YOUNG M0D3L$ C@$T1NG - Alicia (Dasha)

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