Thursday, May 19, 2011

Forumophilia Invites

Many of you have sent me emails asking for invites to Forumophilia. Even as a mod, I only have a certain amount of invites to give out over a period of time. Once they are gone, I do get more but not right away. Some of the people I have invited have ended up being banned for not following the rules. And the rules at FO are very strict compared to other sites.

I found a thread on another board where a member was giving away invites to people who could prove they plan to post. In order to get an invite, they had to post a link showing a thread they had on another board that used oron, rs or mu links, which are the ONLY links allowed at FO. I thought that was a good idea so I am now going to give out invites in the same manner.

Here's what you need to do:

Email me - - a link to your thread or blog/site. To prove it is your thread, just add something like "For JB" in the thread so I can verify it is yours.

If it's material we don't have at FO, I will send you an invite. But if it is stuff we have plenty of, then I won't. We don't need another MET thread, for example. And our video sections are filled with more "young teen porn" then we know what to do wit. Many duplicate threads that people start end up in the Archive section. So look thru a few pages of stuff to make sure that what you plan to post is different enough that it will be accepted. There are plenty of sites that we don't have a lot of material posted from.

JAV and other Asian porn is one thing that we don't have a lot of. There's some decent threads in the Ethnic section but there is a lot of stuff that's not posted. I would like to open up a strictly Asian section but we would need an influx of new posters to make that happen.

And if you do get an invite, YOU MUST READ AND FOLLOW ALL OF THE RULES AT FO!!! I cannot stress this enough. If you are not sure about something, then ask. The admin is very strict about this, especially when it comes to new posters. I can ban people but I cannot unban them. Once someone is banned, it is very difficult to become unbanned. So it's very important to read thru all of the threads in the rule section.



Tuesday, May 17, 2011

M-P-L - Talia - Cherry Blossums

I Discovered This Cutie While Searching For A Preview Picture Of Another Model At Heartbreakers. And What A Heart Breaker She Is! If They Did More Sets Like This One On A Regular Basis, I'd Join In A Heartbeat.

So Far She Has 8 Sets And A Video. I Have The Video And 5 Of The 8 Sets. Here's The First One:

96 pics plus cover

1997 x 3000

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I just checked out Perved and the model they were talking about. If anyone else does the same, you'll quickly realize that's not me they're talking about Afterall, this is blog, my FO thread as well as my never updated imagefap account are about jb wannabes, not heffer wannabes!

I tried to join Perved just to see if the admin there could make a note that that's not me but so far they haven't sent me a confirmation code. Might be lag or it might not have been a good idea to use my JB name.

I'll get the blog update soon. It's spring and I've had a ton of work to do in the garden so things indoors have been a bit slow.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I just got this email from a friend. It was posted on

[quote]Dear members,

As you might know, some time ago the account of one of our mods was cancelled and a 4 digit payout withheld. The money was intended to fund server and content. The company doing this was FILESONIC. After a week of getting no answers and finally setting an ultimatum, FILESONIC issued a statement.

"We do not want of your business on You have uploaded and promoted Underage Content and we have a zero tolerance policy regarding this."


Filesonic activly protects the copyright of underage sites like According to the site the model is 13. They help this webmaster to make money! Interesting double standards, also from a legal point of view, as you will see further down the page.

The files they complain about origin from a perfectly legal site - and filesonic does not deny that. Today, they even named other files then before. Changing reasons, same result: After having sold their accounts to many of our members, they are not interested anymore in new accounts (the don't make money with that, only renewlas make money, as they don't share them with

More then a week after complaining, May 4th, they finally donated the money they had not paid out, acting like a dealer who throws away the crack before the cops arrest him. No loss for them, they had to pay it anyway. But they had never donated it if we had not insisted again and again to not keep it.

Also, we found out that Filesonic statics should be taken with extreme caution.Either noone wants these links, or not all downloads are counted. Also, there is clear evidence that membership sales have not been counted. 4 perved members bought liftetime memberships, but only 1 showed up in the statistics (member sent us the transaction-numbers to verifay that)

Now, look at this: In April, Filesonic payed 80% of earnings, plus 25% bonus, plus 5% to site owners.This makes up for 106 %!! If something sounds to good to be true, it most likely is....

If this wasn't bad enough, FILESONIC tries to blackmail us. They don't want us to tell you what happened, so they wrote us this:

"If you wish to go public, we will also go public with this screen capture of a donation we made of your earnings . [b]We are not afraid "Mr. JBwannabe" aka "OldBlue" aka "Miket587" ... We can and will forward your information to authorities if you wish to go that way."[/b]
So, going to the authorities does not depend on legal standards, but on the fact THAT WE GO PUBLIC. That's plain blackmail. If we would allow that once, we would sell our souls.

Well guys, imagine this company gets a visit from the film industry... guess if they report your data... they most likely will!

Filesonic, there is nothing to hide, so we go public ourselfs. The content posted was legal, and the authorities are much more interested in your business then in the sets you deleted.

A Hoster that is a risk for our members cannot been tolerated. For that reason, we had to permanently ban FILESONIC. We are sorry about this, but we had no choice, and no way to resolve the issue could be found. We ask you to inform your friends on other boards. Give them a warning. Post it in blogs. Send it on Facebook and Twitter. Post it in the newsgroups: Let the world know.
We know there are problems on other boards as well, so we will work together on this.

AND we encourage everyone to backup their data via remote upload and CANCEL their account.


Wow! How the hell did my name get mixed up in this?

A. I don't live in Hong Kong!

B. I don't have, nor ever have had, a filesonic account. And if I did, I sure as hell wouldn't have left $1,200 in it!

C. I'm not a member of Perved although I'm going to join just to yell at that goon for posting that crap with my name in it when he knows I'm not the same person as OldBlue.

D. I've never uploaded anything to Filesonic and have only dl maybe a dozen things over the past year or so.

E. I'm not Oldblue or that other guy. googling miket587 clearly shows he and oldblue are the same, though. I'm guessing he made some posts using my name. I haven't been able to find them, though.

F. Worst of all, people are passing this post along and people are now connecting me with uploading pictures of 13 year olds. Lovely! I wonder if I can sue filesonic for defamation! =)

So I have no idea how I got tangled up in this mess. Thankfully, if it comes down to it, paypay can prove that I only have 1 paypal account and it's not OldBlue's!

Not much of an update I know, sorry.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oron Fix For UK Followers

Here's A Step By Step "How To Fix Oron Problem" For UK Members. It Includes Screenshots To Make It Easy For Even Someone Like Me! Hope It Works For You Too!