Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dear UK Visitors

I've Been Made Aware That Oron And A Bunch Of Other Services Are Currently Blocked Across The UK. Go Big Brother! At The Moment, I Don't Have The Time Or A Fast Enough ISP To Offer Mirrors Of Everything. Of All The Services I've Tried, Oron Is By Far The Fastest And Friendliest Of Them All. But If There Is Something Specific You Want Here And Can't Find It Elsewhere, Send Me An Email And I'll See What I Can Do.

I Make NO Promises And This Is ONLY For UK Visitors.


I've been messing around with depositfiles remote upload and it seems to work OK. It's nowhere near as fast as Oron, where I get about 3,000 to 5,000 KB/S transfer. I'll post some stuff that way and see how it goes.

Depositfile does work in the UK, right?

@TKP3T1T3$ - Destiny Set #02


115 pics

1071 x 1600

@TKP3T1T3$ - Destiny Set #01

This Is The First Of About 2 Dozen Sets I Have Of Her, Including Hardcore!


82 pics

1071 x 1600


ATKP3T1T3$ - Rosemary Set #11

This Is Probably Her Best Set To Date. Besides The Full Hardcore, Which Ends In A Creampie, There Are A LOT Of Really Great Pictures.

Currently, This Is The Last Set She Has Done For Them, 11 Picture Sets & 3 Videos. She's Also Done Something For Creampie Surprise Or Something Like That. I Had Downloaded The Video But It Was Corrupt And Only Played Part Way Thru. 8(

ATKP3T1T3$ - Rosemary Set #10

115 pics

1996 x 3000

ATKP3T1T3$ - Rosemary Set #09

95 pics

1996 x 3000

ATKP3T1T3$ - Rosemary Set #08

74 pics

1996 x 3000

L1TTL3 MUTT - Z03Y KU$H - Inside Z03Y KU$H

168 pics

1067 x 1600