Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pretty much everything on the blog is dead and has been since Oron was killed way back when. Yet many still seem to be visiting. I was a bit stunned to see there has been over a MILLION views!

Since I'm here, I might as well throw up a few sets. If you like these sort of sets, then I highly recommend you join the site for at least a month. It is well worth it.

I have about 300-400 sets and I'm not even close to having half the site, so you will end up paying pennies per set, or nickels if you stick around for more than a month. They have moved some videos to a sister site, which kinda sucks but there are still plenty of great videos to dl. I give the site a solid A rating. It would be an A+ but the picture resolution is kinda low by today's standards. They really need to start adding higher res, maybe x2000 or x3000 pixel sets. There are a few fugly girls but all in all, the girls are hot and often very young looking. And the photography and poses are top notch.

Here's a few sets, some new, to check out.

Chloe Brooke

Kristine Kahill

Candy Rosen