Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Forum To Check Out!

*Blech, the new forum got nuked. Not to worry, I'll be restarting it elsewhere. Looking into my options right now.

Good news for fans of this blog who still check for updates. Are there any of you left? Hehe.

I still post at FO but have started  up my own forum. It's no where near ready to go 'live' yet but you are free to check it out and see what you think. I only have 100+ sets posted, so go easy on me! There is a free section for those who don't want to register but there is much, much more for those who do register. It will mostly be model shrines and site rips, both old and new stuff. I have a very fast connection now, about 40 times faster than my old one, so uploading large files is pretty easy now. A lot of material gets nuked if posted openly, so that's why I set up the private area. Any email account should work just fine, even one of the random email generated ones should be OK.

Those of you who have downloaded from me over the years know that all of my uploads are clean and free of any malware or any other bullshit that other uploaders use. The forum is the same way. You have nothing to fear. There are some ads on it but if you use AdBlock, which is 100% free and safe, you won't see the ads.

Other than 1 open section, the only host I am using is Upstore. My friends, who are going to start posting soon, also are using Upstore, so you will only need 1 account to dl everything on the site other than things that might be posted in the spam section. Upstore is really a great host for to use and it's really safe as well. And it's been around for awhile. It's used at Forumophilia as well as a secondary host. The guy that runs it is very interactive with members and it has a good customer service. There are no upload or download limits and I can re-up an entire thread, no matter how big, in about 10 seconds. So if you find a dead link, report it and it should be up again the next time I log in.

Here's some samples of what you can find there, all full sets of course!


All models are of course 18+. They just don't look it!