Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I'm still around but mostly post at nowadays

I have plenty of site rips there, and overall, there are probably 10K + links of mine. I exclusively use Datafile. Some love it, some hate it, but it's what I use.

You can check out my threads via this profile link. Yes, I go by RandomChance there.

Just click on "information" and then "threads". A lot of my threads also have links in my signature there. We moved the forum to a new faster server a few months ago, so a link or two might not work. :\ Yup, I'm still lazy!

The forum is quite relaxed compared to most, which is the main reason I love it. In many of my threads, I will post a link to a folder containing all files, Then every few days I'll bump the thread by adding previews to the next set or video. It works great, especially for people who want to grab the whole site right away and not way for my slow ass to post it in the normal fashion.

Other than the mod sections and a private club, the whole board is open to guests. And there are no pop-ups or redirects of any kind. Your ad block will be rather bored there. Hehe. But feel free to register. Newbies have their messages moderated for awhile to prevent spammers and worse. Lots and lots of great stuff at KK that you won't find anywhere else, so check it out.