Sorry that the updates have been a bit slow lately. My portable HD fell into my recliner without me noticing it until it ended up getting crunched! Unfortunately, it happened right after I had just transfered a whole lot of stuff onto it from my laptop. Sigh. I kept meaning to buy a second one as a backup in case something did happen, but...you know how that goes.

A bit of good news is that I finally figured out how to add a counter to the site! Woo hoo! I must have checked a dozen sites or so for info on how to do it but each one kept leaving out simple, yet important info. It's like they all assumed that everyone already knows how to do it. Even a "blog for dummies" site failed to keep it simple. Now I need to find a good code to add pages to the site, something I can't imagine why Google hadn't done right from the getgo.

The code for a good instant message window would also be appreciated if anyone knows of one.


I guess congrats is in order as the website is now the #1 hit out of 2 million hits for the phrase "jb wannabes" Lol!

Also, I started up a Imagefap account to promote the blog and post some stuff that didn't quite fit here. Not a whole lot there but feel free to check it out at:

http://www.imagefap.com/profile.php?user=JB Wannabe&type=1


I uploaded my first set onto Sharebee and it went way faster than I thought. For some reason, my upload speed was 4 to 5 times faster than my download speeds. Maybe that's normal, dunno.

So if you find a link that's dead, take 30 seconds to let me know and I will re-up it as fast as possible.



In case you haven't noticed, Sharingmatrix has changed names to Filesonic. When you click on a SM link, it now redirects you to FS, but not the actual link. So just copy/paste the SM link in the FS browser window. Obvious, I know.