Welcome To My Blog.

This blog is dedicated to beautiful young schoolgirls in pigtails and plaid skirts. Braces and ponytails. Bright and colorful bras & panties. And the skinnier and more petite the better!

Currently, most of the links belong to posters on a wide variety of sites I search. Eventually I plan to re-up all of the galleries on Sharebee or some other multi-link server.If you have any suggestions or links you think would fit here, don't hesitate to post them.

Thank you and enjoy.

P.S. To help make the site load faster for those with slower connections, and to save space, I'm starting to reduce the size of the preview pictures. This in no way effects the size of the pictures in the zip, most of which are full size.

For example, this picture is a preview of Amai Liu:

And this is the full size picture in her zip:

PS (2)
If for some reason a file needs a PW and one is not included, try one of these before you begin screaming and yelling at me:

If none of those don't, promptly continue to scream and yell at me! =0)